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Want to rebalance your hormones, lose stubborn weight, feel re-energised & take back control of your life?


Welcome, I’m Lucy Childerley
BSc Hons, Dip NT, Dip PT, mNNA, mCIMSPA, mGNC.

I specialise in women’s health, offering bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programmes to get you back in control. There is so much conflicting advice out there and it can feel like a minefield – but I can empower you to take back control of your health, regain balance and feel happy in your own body once again.

 If you…

  • Are holding onto weight, always feeling tired and have low mood

  • Are suffering with hot flushes, painful PMS, aches and pains

  • Have digestive issues


  • Have generally not been feeling yourself for a while….


I offer a 15-minute FREE discovery call to discuss your symptoms and see if I can help. If I can’t, I may be able to refer you to someone who can.

Why not check my FREE symptom checker to see which hormones may be out of  balance.

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Here at Lucy Childerley Clinic I work with clients suffering from...


Imbalanced hormones


Weight gain


Tiredness & low energy


Disrupted sleep


Low mood


Menstrual problems


Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD


Skin problems


Digestive issues


Fertility issues

Welcome to my Clinic Services

How I Can Help You?

I combine my qualified, dedicated and evidence-based approach as a Nutritionist with my 20+ years’ experience as a certified Personal Trainer to create an effective, realistic and personalised way forward that works with your lifestyle and budget.  

If you feel you want to make your health and happiness a priority, I’d love to help you. I feel very lucky to have witnessed clients from all walks of life, all ages, literally turn their lives around by following my nutritional and lifestyle advice. 

I use a range of tools and methods to assess any nutritional imbalances to find the root cause of your symptoms and
health concerns. 


Hormone imbalances affect so many women, drastically impacting your emotional, physical and mental health.


When the gut is not functioning optimally it can have wide reaching consequences for your overall health.


Achieve your health and fitness goals with bespoke, effective exercise plans that fit  into your lifestyle.

Nutrition &
Weight Loss

Step off the dieting bandwagon with a bespoke nutrition plan that balances your weight & nourishes you.

Happy Hormone

Reduce the toxic load and stress on your hormones with this toxin free, multi award winning skincare range.

Functional Testing

Functional testing can help get us to the root cause of your symptoms quicker, which can be a huge relief if you have been suffering for a long time or have debilitating symptoms.  

I partner with world leading private laboratories that use cutting edge technology to give you incredible insights into your health, far surpassing other standardised tests. Most of these tests can be done in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.


 Why Test?

  • It takes the guess work out, which speeds up the process of getting you on the best plan suited to  your unique requirements. 

  • It can fast track your results.

  • It enables us to have a benchmark against which we can track your progress. 

  • It gives you hard evidence of what is happening. It turns opinion in to fact and I find this really helps motivate clients to stick to a plan.

Dutch Test

This test can
identify the root causes of hormone imbalances.

Nutrient & Thyroid Test

World leading blood testing for anyone wanting to know what is going on inside their body.

Personalised DNA Testing

Gives you a targeted & personalised nutrient, supplement & lifestyle plan based on your unique genetics.


Digestive Stool Test

A comprehensive microbiome stool test for anyone suffering with symptoms of a digestive disorder.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

A non invasive test that measures minerals, toxic elements & ratios linked to metabolism, adrenal & thyroid hormone & blood sugar regulation.

Want to get started for just £10.95?
Why not check out my guide on Amazon

In your 40’s and wondering what on earth is happening to your body and your mind?


Are you more anxious, tired and moody, unable to sleep and gaining weight? Are your work and home life starting to suffer? Do you feel like you don’t know where to turn with all the conflicting advice out there? If so, you are not alone. I see women every day in clinic who feel just like you. But there is a way forward, a way to feel like you again.

This guide is packed with evidence based, practical advice that will help support you through a smoother perimenopause journey, one that helps you lose weight, feel re-energised and able to take back control of your body.

Best of all, it will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Begin each day by identifying your symptoms in the Daily Symptom Tracker and then start implementing the tried and tested actions in the Daily Action Checklist, many of which I use with clients in clinic. At the end of the day, complete the Daily Wellbeing Tracker to give yourself an overview of your progress.

This guide has it all: A beautiful space where you can record all your personal health information, medicines, symptoms and actions. It has an area to write down your goals to encourage you and empower you to stay on track.

I hope you enjoy it.



Get Help From

The Comfort Of

Your Home

I’ve found that the best way to ensure long-term success for my clients is to work together over a period of time. It’s often taken many years to get to where you are now, so I have found that a one-off appointment very rarely works. Instead, I tend to work with clients for a minimum of 12 weeks. 

During this time I support you online, all the way, reviewing and modifying as we go. I find that clients are much more likely to stick with the plan and enjoy the subsequent success when they’re supported over a longer timeframe: they feel much happier and more in control, with more confidence and commitment to stick to the plan for the long term…


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Happy Clients

“I am a 49 year old woman who has, for the past 4 years been gluten free, eaten minimal dairy, no caffeine, low sugar and alcohol and I exercise regularly. I drink lots of water, plenty of fruit, veg and nuts and seeds and I practice 16:8 fasting. This has kept my blood sugar low, my weight down and most importantly, my hormones in check. Until last December when the wheels came off. I had uncontrollable hunger, blood sugar crashes, feeling shaky and foggy, extremely sensitive to cold and generally felt horrible . I am on HRT and played around with the dosage but nothing was helping. I felt really desperate as I knew I was doing pretty much everything I was supposed to so I just figured that this is how it’s going to be and I just have to get through it.

Then, I decided to find a nutritionist dealing with women’s hormones. I googled and saw Lucy. Something about her site resonated with me and I contacted her. We had our (much longer than) 15 minute initial consultation and I decided to commit to the package that included comprehensive bloods, hair mineral test and 6 fortnightly zoom calls.
My bloods showed a sluggish thyroid, low ferritin and a few other things that were out of whack but would definitely not have shown up on a GP test.

Lucy suggested a few supplements to realign the issues along with many nutritional suggestions and due to her PT background, she was able to give me direction with my exercise too.  READ MORE..

Julia | Client

 “My journey started with Lucy as I was struggling with my weight and infertility. I was turned away from every fertility clinic because my weight and BMI was over the threshold for treatment. I promise you that I tried every diet I could and signed up to a personal trainer to get rid of this weight but no luck.

It was as if the weight was stuck to my body and there was nothing I could do about to lose this weight.

I was recommended by a close friend about Lucy. My first meeting with Lucy was just amazing. Lucy did a few tests before our first call to evaluate and understand the areas where we needed to focus on.

In between my sessions I did a have holiday booked and a few weddings on the way. This really gave me anxiety as I didn’t think I would make any improvements but I was so wrong. Lucy provided me with full breakdown of my protocol, introduced me to food that I wouldn’t have tried and intermittent fasting which has been my best friend. We quickly started to see results even with the holiday which I was scared about. It’s amazing how Lucy has taught me so many key elements about my body which have had a big impact on my mindset and my relationship with food.

In three months of working with Lucy I have lost 12 kgs in total. For the first time I see a big difference in my body. My usual dress size was 16/18 and I am so proud to say that I am picking up 12/14. I feel amazing in my body and happy in myself.

Before food was comfort to me but now my mindset has changed. I am forever grateful for the help and support I have received from Lucy over the three months.

Iesha Puis | Client

“When I first contacted you I suffered with anxiety, a nodule on my thyroid, acid reflux and quite severe hot flushes, caused by the menopause and I felt desperate to improve my health and wellbeing.  Since then you have helped me to understand how my body works and tailored support and advice specific to me. I am so pleased to say that my hot flushes and anxiety have almost disappeared and the nodule on my thyroid has virtually gone and coughing from acid reflux almost stopped. I feel more energetic and lost a few pounds in the process. I cannot thank you enough😃.”

Jane | Client


“My 6 weeks with Lucy have been an absolute game changer! Prior to Lucy, I was stuck on a mainly beige diet (being a busy Mum, juggling work, life and exercise), food was my downfall. I decided to invest in myself and I’m SO happy that I did.
Fast forward two months, I eat a colourful, fresh and nutritious diet. I’m well fuelled for exercise. I feel strong and I no longer have energy slumps, night sweats, and my bowels have been properly sorted out!!
my body feels great, I feel strong and clean on the inside! Thank you Lucy, you are an absolute wealth of knowledge, and I’ve really enjoyed the journey.

Sophie | Client

“Just wanted to thank you for all your help over the last three months. Throughout my life I’ve tried every diet going to remain at a comfortable weight. Unfortunately the menopause hasn’t been my friend and I gained weight and nothing I tried shifted that. Through Lucy and her knowledge and experience I’ve lost weight and learned what are the right foods to eat and it’s not about starving yourself, but by sensibly choosing what’s right for you. I will miss our chats but know that you’ll always be there should I need you in the future 😃”

Adele | Client

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If you would like help to get back on track and feel like yourself again, I’d love to help.

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Hormones, naturopathic nutrition, thyroid, insulin, oestrogen, progesterone, cortisol, weight gain, energy, mood. tired, lethargy, sleep and fitness. NNA member.
Hormones, naturoGNC Member. NNA member.Hormones, naturopathic nutrition, thyroid, insulin, oestrogen, progesterone, cortisol, weight gain, energy, mood. tired, lethargy, sleep and fitness. pathic nutrition, thyroid, insulin, oestrogen, progesterone, cortisol, weight gain, energy, mood. tired, lethargy, sleep and fitness. NNA member.