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Hi I’m Lucy Childerley, BSc Hons, Dip NT, Dip PT, mNNA, mFNTP, mCIMSPA, mGNC.

There have been a few significant events that brought me to where I am today: a Nutritionist, Hormone Specialist, Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher.

After studying a BSc Hons in Sports Science I went on to work as a personal trainer in a gym and then eventually I set up my own business, Personal Touch Training, in 2002.

After a series of health issues which affected me and close family members –a heart attack for my 49-year-old father, and for me, difficulty conceiving; miscarriages; a lump in my breast, which turned out to be fibrous; and significant hair loss –my fascination with nutrition really began.

I was fit and ate a good diet but I discovered that my hormones were out of balance, and probably had been for many years, causing many of my issues. I made changes to my diet and exercise, and the results were astonishing.

The fibrous lump disappeared, and my hair no longer fell out. My cycle became regular after 30 years of problems, and I felt better than I ever had and I still do.

Despite many of these life events being extremely testing, I do believe everything happens for a reason. They led me to study a three year Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Therapy so I could help other women who are struggling unnecessarily with hormonal imbalances to feel their best too- something I feel very passionate about.

Now as founder of Lucy Childerley Clinic, I help women of all ages who are struggling with their hormones to lose weight, feel re-energised and take back control of their lives. Read more regarding Hormones.


Not only is it a fundamental part of the female hormonal jigsaw, it’s also a growing problem for many men.

I saw this first-hand with my husband when I was studying. He’d suffered with worsening digestive issues over the years, including acid problems, stomach pains, bloating, low energy, low mood. He’d had negative results on all the conventional tests and was put on Omeprazole to treat the SYMPTOMS.

He was ‘fire-fighting’ most days and was becoming increasingly dependent on the pills to resolve the pain. I put him on my  gut healing programme to support the root cause and within just 12 weeks he was totally pain free, off all his medication and felt 7 years younger and still does!

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