What my clients have to say…

“Lucy has saved me and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Following the birth of my second child I struggled to shift the weight and got more and more depressed. The more unhappy I became the more I ate until it got to breaking point. I was so over weight, miserable, unhealthy and had even stopped seeing my friends because I was so ashamed. Then in steps Lucy, who I was put in touch with by Woburn Osteopaths, and 3 months later I have dropped a stone and a half just by changing my diet. I can’t wait to see how much more weight I lose now I have cleansed my body from the inside out and start my tailor made exercise regime. I’m almost back to my old self and couldn’t be happier with life and Lucy!”


“I’ve known Lucy for 5 years now and she is so much more than just a nutritional therapist and personal trainer. Lucy takes a holistic approach with her clients, really getting to know their issues and then supports them back to optimal health. That means I have been able to benefit from general guidance on my overall wellbeing as well as some truly invaluable nutritional advice and support. She is patient, encouraging and generous with her time. I always feel uplifted after a seeing her. I regularly call her a superstar!”

“”Lucy is a phenomenal PT and all round health specialist. She has helped me with rehabilitation after major spinal surgery as-well as recommending supplements that have now changed my life after suffering for years with constant UTI’s. Lucy is kind, honest, an expert in her field and a joy to work with. I can not recommend her enough.”


“I first found Lucy over 10 years ago when I wanted to lose a substantial amount of weight, which had crept on over about 15 years. 

From my very first meeting I was impressed with the more holistic approach that she took, focusing on nutrition, stress and other lifestyle factors (including my long work hours) as well as my weight and fitness levels.

From those detailed discussions she was able to identify some key issues and establish a quick start, no-gimmicks, nutrition plan that helped kick start the weight loss and established new eating habits.

My initial goal was to lose 1 stone in weight, but through her [and her colleagues’ support] I ended up losing 2 ½ stone, and dropped 3 dress sizes. I had totally changed my approach to food, while still enjoying eating out and a few glasses of wine, but also transformed my fitness.  What’s more, the key to her programme’s success is that I have maintained this weight ever since.

Lucy’s flexible and personalised approach is one of her key strengths. She is constantly updating her knowledge and skills with regard to nutrition and fitness and especially the impact of hormones on our bodies. This has been particularly important to me as not only have I continued to work in very stressful roles, I have also gone through the menopause, which had more of an impact than I probably wanted to first admit.  She has been able to reassess the nutritional issues and recommend tweaks to my diet that work with my commuting work life and a supportive exercise regime that has got me back on the straight and narrow.

I have continued to return to Lucy over the years, and have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to make similar changes in their life to improve their overall health, fitness and diet.”


“I called Lucy just before Christmas in what can only be described as a cry for help. Over lockdown my weight had been creeping up and now my size 16 jeans were getting too tight. I felt disgusting inside & looked it on the outside. I was bloated, lethargic throughout the day, had no motivation. My sleep was broken and my moods were very low. 

From our first conversation Lucy was just so lovely, so reassuring and so positive. I knew that with her help, I would be starting a new chapter of my life and one that would be fulfilled with health and happiness.  My goal is to try and see if I can reduce some of the medication that I have to take on a daily basis. 

4 weeks on the plan and I had lost 10lbs, I felt more positive, happier and just so much lighter. It was literally like a huge weight has been lifted. I now sleep much better and wake feel alive. I am not going to deny that some days it has been tough but Lucy has been an absolute rock and she has supported me should I feel like I am about to steer off. One of the biggest surprises to me is how I didn’t feel hungry. Before I couldn’t go through the day without snacking in between meals but now I have 3 substantial and healthy meals a day and even sometimes that feels too much. I honestly am indebted to her.  Our next meeting we are going to be working on the next goal and getting my fitness levels up. I can’t wait for the next challenge.”


“I was having a few problems that I suspected were nutrition related the main ones being difficulty sleeping and fluctuating energy levels throughout the day.  Since consulting Lucy and taking on her advice there has been a massive improvement in my sleep, energy and general wellbeing.  Couldn’t recommend Lucy enough.”


“I was finding it difficult to maintain energy levels during busy periods at work.  I started to exercise much less regularly and gained weight.  After meeting Lucy, we discussed my diet and she gave me simple,  yet effective way plan to improve my diet.

Within just a couple of weeks of following her plan I began to feel far less lethargic and also found that I was recovering much better after exercise.  I’ve been on the plan for about a year now.  My energy has improved and I have been in the gym most days.  Not only that, at 48 years old, my run, bike and row times are better than they were in my 20s!

I would definitely recommend Lucy – her plan and advice works!  “


“I had been suffering with digestive issues for about 4 years which were gradually becoming more debilitating. I had regular bloating, wind and abdominal pain, my energy was zapped and my mood was starting to deteriorate. It was starting to impact my quality of my life and I was relying on Omeprozole to bring me temporary relief. This is when Lucy designed me an eating plan to support the root cause of the problem. I was prepared to do anything so I followed the plan to the T. In just 2 months ALL of my symptoms had gone, I had lost weight, the water retention had gone and my energy was the best it had been in years.  I would recommend Lucy’s plan to anyone who is suffering with digestive disorders. It has turned my life around naturally and I can honestly say I feel 7 years younger!”


”Lucy has been my personal trainer for nearly 20 years. She has always been so supportive, knowledgable and motivational, even getting me running which I’d never done before!!! I feel she has helped me as I have got older to stay fit and healthy with great flexibility. She has given me some great tips regarding diet and exercises for any injuries. Lucy is such an up-beat person you can’t help but feel better when you see her.”


“”I have had sessions with Lucy for 16 years now. During that time I have had many health issues which she has always dealt with professionally and sympathetically. Each time getting me back to full strength.

I thought I provided healthy meals for myself and my husband but chatting to Lucy during sessions I have learned a lot more about good nutrition. Lucy advises but never pushes change on to her clients. 

I whole heartedly recommend Lucy Childerley Clinic for a holistic approach to healthy living.”


I thoroughly recommend Lucy and Lucy Childerley Clinic. I have known Lucy for 12 years as my PT. She is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. She has supported me through thick and thin and helped me through mental challenges when life has been very tough. She is always encouraging when a session maybe a little challenging too! 

I’ve gone from a coach potato to running nearly every day. I completed my first half marathon in 2018 and have my sights set on a marathon next. She was brilliant when my daughter had major spinal surgery and helped with her rehabilitation to get moving correctly again.