Summer Holiday Survival Guide


I hope you are managing to get some time off to enjoy the sun (when it finally decides to show up!). 

With the schools breaking up, August can become a time of holidays, juggling work and childcare, and, whether you have children or not, it can be a time for changed routines. 

Over the years, I’ve seen so many clients lose their routine, only to re-emerge in September as a larger, less energised, more unhappy version of themselves!

This really doesn’t have to be the case- and so I though I’d share my holiday survival guide that I follow myself, share with my clients to use and that I hope might be useful to you. A way to ‘have your cake and eat it’ literally!

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Summer Survival Guide Tips:

At the end of each week plan when you are going to get your exercise in the following week. Try to see it as non-negotiable and stick to it- there will always be a million other things we could all be doing- I get it, but you will feel so much better if you get some in.

If you have young kids that you cannot leave then you may need to forget the gym for the summer and workout at home. I recommend going online and doing some Joe Wicks workouts 3 times a week- they are 20-30 mins, can be done at home while the kids are in bed or watching TV and need no equipment. The kids might even want to join in, but I think its nice if you can protect that short window in the whole day for YOU! I also recommend doing it first thing in the morning to ensure it gets done before any curveballs hit- I like to do mine before my family wake up! If your kids wake super early, maybe you can allow them a (guilt free), 20 mins watching their fav TV show while you do it…. and then you can be theirs for the rest of the day. I am giving your permission to do this for yourself!

Top and tail your day with exercise so, if possible, end of the day see if you can find a short online yoga class. Just 10 mins will help you reflect on your day, lower cortisol and help support better sleep.
If you have kids, get out and active with them- trampolining, cycle rides, long country walks and picnics- whatever they want and can do. This will keep your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) up which can really help keep the weight down and the energy up!

If you haven’t got kids this is the perfect time of year to get out for early morning or later evening walks.
When on holiday set yourself a challenge of doing some ‘exercise’ each day. Maybe some swimming, walks on the beach, aqua aerobics, yoga class. You will feel amazing both physically and mentally- trust me!

When out on day trips, plan and pack food- trying to stick to salads and proteins. This keeps you in control of what you eat and saves money!

Be mindful of how much you eat and stop when you are 80% full.

Ditch the snacks.
With the kids about, we are often making more meals and its very easy to pick at their leftovers- make a conscious effort to be aware of this and throw those bits away as soon as they are finished- I know its not nice to waste food but your body is also not a bin!

When on holiday try to change your mindset when it comes to food. Instead of thinking holiday means blowout- the heaviest meals, 3 courses every night, loads of alcohol…and then come back off holiday several pounds heavier- maybe consider seeing it from a different angle. Gain your pleasures from lovely food, but let that food be nourishing as well as tasty- if you have access to buffets, chose the wonderful fresh salads, the proteins and limit the carbs- save them for your wine if you prefer…. but drink water in between to limit the amount of glasses you have! Consider the pleasure being the fact that someone else has cooked it and maybe even served it to you. Then leave feeling satisfied, but not stuffed.

Maybe try pushing breakfast back so that you can have a brunch and evening meal rather than 3 meals a day, if this works.

Try to avoid sugary drinks during the day- they can easily rack up the calories without us realising!
Finally, if you really want to stay on track this summer, maybe consider getting a journal and logging what your goals are (maybe from the above list) and then record each day how you get on. This accountability can be so powerful, not only to keep you on track, but also to help empower you to feel amazing both during and after the summer holiday season!

I hope you find this useful and have a fabulous summer…


September is always a super busy time for clients to want to get back on track after the summer. Book a free chat to find out more – See above 🙂