Cycle syncing is a non evidence based system that many women swear by to sync their lifestyle with the different stages of their body’s hormonal cycle.

By adapting our lifestyle, diet and exercise throughout our cycle, we may find that we feel more energised, happier and better able to cope better. 

The 4 stages

Menstruation-Day 1 of our cycle, oestrogen and progesterone are low leaving us low in energy, sensitive to pain and more emotional. This is a time for self care, gentle exercise and warming, comforting nourishing foods like casseroles, soups, food rich in iron to compensate for blood loss. 

Follicular stage– between our period ending and ovulation and when oestrogen us rising. We are at our most fertile now and can have better libido, mood and skin. This is a time when we can push harder so higher intensity exercise, take on more challenging tasks and want to be out and about more! Detoxification is important here so lots of liver supporting foods such as crucuferous veg, B and E vitamins for ovulation and seeds to support oestrogen such as flax and pumpkin. 

Ovulation – is when the egg is released. It’s a short (1-2 days) yet very important phase as it’s where progesterone and oestrogen comes from. Here we feel sexy, our energy is great so we can keep pushing on with those more pressing activities. We need to focus on eating anti Inflammatory foods that have lots of anti oxidants. So lots of wholefoods, colourful and green leafy veggies, good fats and proteins. 

Luteal phase– between ovulation and our next period (or pregnancy) and where the corpus luteum is formed to make our progesterone. When there is too little progesterone(or excess oestrogen) we can have more PMS symptoms. Energy may be lower so dial down exercise, get good sleep and downtime, foods high is magnesium (dark chocolate is one!) help reduce stress and pain, healthy fats and good protein help balance cravings. 

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